WinStar® Contents

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I. Introduction
  • Winchester Capital History
  • WinStar® Overview
II. Finding Buyers, Sellers and Licensees
  • Finding your Target Acquisition
  • Executive Summary Report Buyer (Document)
  • Seller Universe
    • Corporate Sellers
    • Private Company Sellers
    • Management Buy-out
    • Estate and Trusts
    • Universities and Research Institutions
    • Executive Summary Report Target (Document)
  • Buyer Universe
    • Private Equity Fund Buyers
    • Corporate Buyers
    • SPACs
    • Activists
  • Other Forms of Mergers and Business Combinations
III. Getting Underway - Starting the Process
  • Prior to Sale Process
  • Transaction Execution Timetable (Document)
IV. Regulatory
  • U.S. Anti-Trust Approvals
  • UK Anti-Trust Approvals
  • EU Approvals
V. Valuation
  • Comparable Trading Public Company Valuation
  • Precedent Transaction Valuation Method
  • Discount Cash Flow Valuation Method
  • Steps to Discount Cash Flow Analysis
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Importance of Accounting Statements
  • Financial Accounting for Mergers & Acquisitions:
    • US Standard
    • International Standard
VI. Beginning the Sale Process
  • Contact letter (Document)
  • Teaser Template (Document)
  • NDA (Document)
  • The Process Letter (Document)
  • The Art of Due Diligence
  • Due Diligence List (Document)
VII. The Importance of the Electronic Data Room
  • The Importance of the EDR
  • Data Room Table of Contents (Document)
  • Progressive Release of Data Room Documents
VIII. Completing the Sale Process
  • The Sales Presentation
  • Sample Presentation Template (Document)
  • The Non-Binding Offer
  • Non-binding LOI (Document)
  • Confirmatory Diligence
  • Normalized Working Capital
  • The Purchase and Sales Agreement
  • Stock Purchase Agreement (Document)
  • License Agreement
  • License Agreement (Document)
  • The Closing Process
  • The Press Release
  • Press Release (Document)
IX. Strategy and Consultation
  • Executive Session Units
X. Webinars

XI. M&A Insights Publication

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